When we have multi-type Sets, I'd like to be able to see each Object in a chosen way

I’m not sure about this one so I’m posting as a discussion instead of Feature Request for now.

I understand a Set can be displayed in different Views (currently, afaik, as a table, as a list or as a grid).

However, eventually Sets will be able to contain Objects of… :drum: any Type. When that happens, I’d like each Object to be presented based on their Type. For example, if I decide to create a Set that will show “all objects containing the tag IMPORTANT”, this might contain Objects that I want to see as list (such as To-do items), as grid (such as movies) or as table (such as logging runs), depending on their Type (ie. I wouldn’t want to see all the Objects as a list or grid or table).

Of course this would present some challenges in terms of how to layout all of this together.

From the users’ perspective, maybe this could be accomplished by giving them the option to choose (or create) a Template with which Objects of a certain Type would be displayed alongside others (note this would be different from the current Templates)?

Please help figure this out, give suggestions, correct any mistake in my logic. If it makes sense I’ll write it up as a FR.

PS: I wonder if it would make more sense to change the name of Sets to Search or Query. Especially once they become able to display Objects of any type - the word Set doesn’t make as much sense as Search or Query (to me).


@qualquertipo I think this is a great idea and leans into the idea that everything (including Sets) should be a customizable Object.

I can imagine a feature like you mention where you create templates for your Sets like templates for any other Object, but maybe Templates are too flexible to allow Objects of different Types to be shown in a way that does not end in complete chaos. I can imagine something like Layouts (see first bullet at the bottom of the linked page) could help here. I would love to see some kind of “kanban” or tabular Layout to be added. This could allow users to create an Object of the Type “Set” with a user-defined Template that uses the “Tabular” Layout to show Objects within the Set grouped in columns based on their Type (or Layout!).

Edit: as a reply to your suggestion to use an alternative name for Sets: I actually do like the name chosen by the Anytype team as it reminds me of this awesome game: SET | Board Game | BoardGameGeek. The name “Set” might have been chosen because it collects all Objects of the same Type, but even with multi-type Sets I would expect from the name that it just groups together a bunch of Objects that have something in common that you define, just like in the game!