What are some use cases for Sets?

I’ve started using Anytype a few days ago, and although all the other stuff like Objects, Relations and Types make sense to me, I still don’t quite get the idea of Sets.

I’ve also read through the documentation on Sets, and I’m still not sure I get it.

Could anyone explain it or show some use cases of Sets?

Thanks in advance!

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Sets are basically used to group objects sharing the same property. Currently, sets can only be created to group objects of same type. But the team is working on to have a set to be made based on a relations value as well.

You can find how sets are being used by the alpha users in this thread:


For example: I have a set for a custom type I’ve created named “Configurations” which includes common tweaks I use in various platforms and software. I then created a Set of Configuration which displays all my various configuration pages

I can now sort them, or filter them based on their tags, etc.

With formulas and column aggregations possibly getting implemented in the future, you can then use sets as a direct replacement for Databases from Notion :grinning:


@lynxlove Ohhh ok cool, thanks for the explanation + examples! Really helpful!