Web Clipper

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Not quite a problem, but it improves the user experince if we have a webclipper (Chrome/Safari) that allows us to quickly capture what we browse or read on the internet.

Describe the solution you’d like

Idealy this works like the evernote clipper where we can decide what to capture (whole page, keep formating? highlights? Selection? file/image?) It can also prompt to let us decide where to place it in the AnyType. It will be also awesome if this can pull images or videos from Twitter/FB and IG.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Currently, it’s just the good old, Select, Copy and Paste.

Additional context


Big upvote on this one. Especially if it can interact with databases in the future! It’s great for e.g. recipes or articles you want to read, with the option to copy page contents as well, along with using the web page icon for the Anytype icon, and then the first on-page image found as Cover image perhaps. And in databases, the option to fill in some fields with data from the page, e.g. URL, page title, etc.


Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

It would be great to have the web clipper to anytype, to enable us save contents from browsers directly into anytype.


I would also love to see a web clipper in AnyType. I do a lot of research and design stuff and so it would be wonderful to have webpages and articles that I can then make relations to with the other items I have in Anytype. I would love to see something similar to EverNote’s webclipper or Google Keep’s version. I want more than just text like Notion does.


Thought about the need of a web clipper as well.

Please, create one!!! :exclamation:


There’s “Use the Web Clipper to save websites to read later.” in Features on the official site, why there isn’t a web clipper in fact? :face_with_monocle:


It is great to see that this is now under development. I do like to draw attention again to the implementation of Mem.ai which is one of the very best implementations I have seen to date. You can access it from anywhere on your desktop, and it works for both browsers, but also text you select in PDF’s, word documents etc. Mem.ai came out of beta and is now accessible for everyone. So you can get a feel of what they call their spotlight function which is what is here called a web clipper. The big drawback with Mem.ai is privacy. It is all in the cloud and of course, it is not as rich in features as Anytype already is.


I currently use Pocket for saving articles and other web content that I want to read later, but my personal pet peeves with the app are the inability for permanent article storage (articles are deleted from onboard storage once you hit “Archive”, but permanent article storage is offered as part of Premium) and the lack of easy export and import of full article contents and data.

I’ve also experimented with using other solutions to serve this use case: Safari’s Reading List is decent but only limited to iOS devices, I never could get Wallabag to work, and other closed-source/SAAS products like Instapaper are not a viable solution for me. Trying to store articles as .md files within Obsidian seemed interesting, but as Obsidian doesn’t have a good cross-platform web clipper that works across platforms, this also was a no-go for me.

I can’t wait for Anytype’s Web Clipper to arrive, it’d solve lots of problems for me - and hopefully, there can be some functionality for importing data from other platforms like Pocket.

Also, preserving the reading position would be essential for Pocket-esque functionality; I’ll shamelessly plug my feature request about that :wink:


A web clipper for Anytype is essential to getting the best of the app.


It’d also be great if Web Clipper functionality was not only limited to desktop browsers via an extension, but also if it was available through mobile devices via the OS’s Share functionality - you could share a webpage, link, or contact via the system share sheet and Anytype would be there as a target.

Pocket and Notion offer something similar - you can go and share a link or file (in the case of Notion), and it’ll save the content in the specified location.


Great idea and you are not alone :slight_smile:


Both clippers are on the way.


Any plans to have this feature soon? The last update is around 6 months back that it on the way?


Hello @vanish. We decided to focus on different aspects of our product prior to public release for now and also we encountered a couple of technical limitations so for now development of web clipper on hold for some time. We will definitely will return to this on as soon as our dev resources will be fried from more priority tasks.
We are going to share the public roadmap with the community soon and it will be super awesome if you could participate in discussion. Sorry for delay in update :pray::pray::pray:


Thanks for the response. It makes complete sense to prioritize product work for public release. I will be more than happy to provide my feedback for the roadmap. Thanks!