Voice Recorder

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

It’d be useful to be able to track musical ideas within Anytype. I’m assuming once iOS is released, if I want to put a voice recording into Anytype, I’d need to use the built in iOS voice recorder and share the file into Anytype. Personally, I don’t really need the feature for Desktop, only mobile.

Describe the solution you’d like

Built in, quality voice recorder which creates and embeds high-quality audio right into the page.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

You could use the phone’s default voice recorder app and share into Anytype, but that’s no fun. And personally, I find myself forgetting to share things, so I have a weird mismatch of what’s in Obsidian Notes (my daily driver atm) and what’s only in my voice recorder app.

Additional context

Ideally this wouldn’t use the Javascript MediaRecorder API as it produces bad quality audio. No amount of JS post-hoc audio processing can fix the poor quality audio provided to the JS environment by the browser/electron. A native extension would be helpful here. Even if Anytype did go with the JS MediaRecorder route, a native extension would still be necessary to keep the phone awake while recording long audio - if the phone falls asleep while recording, the audio is completely lost forever. Obsidian notes has had this issue here: