Translation choice - Français

Thanks team for launching the translations!
As for the French translations, what motivation!

Now, the translation of certain terms / naming is not defined and is more a matter of choice. I’m blocking it out of indecision and nobody else is tackling it, so maybe it’s something to think about together?

How do you think it should be translated?

  • the Void
  • a Set
  • a Collection (yes, it can be a collection :-))

A votre avis, comment devrais-être traduit :

  • the Void (le vide? En tant que concept philosophique d’après la majuscule? Utilisé dans la nouvelle vidéo d’intro…)
  • a Set (un “ensemble” ce n’est pas parlant… fonctionnellement ce serais une vue… ou garder un “set” sans traduire mais ça n’aide pas à comprendre Anytype…)
  • a Collection (oui, ça peut être collection :-))

PS : several translations concerning spaces, surely a future release. Is there a way to see the context (pre-release version available soon, screenshot,…)?


I personally wouldn’t mind “set” staying the same in French because we are used to this word for describing a group of common stuff (set de table, set de jardin, …) or when we want to describe related items that makes sense together. (e.g “photo set”)

I was thinking about the same thing but for spanish, some concepts I think are might not needed to be fully translated as it can be confusing. I haven’t decided what I prefer yet, I’ll probably keep using the app in english anyway.

Besides that it would be good if at least most translations respect the same terms so it makes it less confusing, for example, if you are watching a video of someone who uses x language but you have y language set.

btw, Is contributing for translations already started?


Yes! See here:


Everything is translated, but are they the best translations? :confused:

@ AT team : can you clarify or share your opinion?

This is the Void / This is the only way to login and access your Void.

For you, what represent the Void?

  • The vacuum (and more)? We can translate by “le Vide” ou “le Néant”
  • A concept? If you can explain it to find the right correspondence in French
  • a (AT) space, an environment, …
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