Trackers in app

Does anytype track user data by embedding trackers in the app?

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The best people to answer this question would be the team, but all versions of the app send back analytics, as shown in the first screen you see when starting up the app. To get you started, for trackers, there are indications that the Desktop app sends data to Amplitude, although I don’t know what exactly is sent. The Android app uses Firebase analytics, Crashlytics and Amplitude. The rest seem innocuous, although I’m unfamiliar with Amplitude, which seems to be a tracker.

Again, the best people to answer this question would be the team (@Angelo)?, but hopefully this can help get the conversation started.


@Angelo can you please shed some light on this topic?

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Hi there,

Thanks for the question - happy to share what we track and how we use that information at anytype.

Amplitude is indeed the main service we use for tracking events inside the app, and we introduced it in the alpha version of our product to better understand performance of the app as a whole, adoption of certain features, and how the latter impacts retention.

For instance, we are able to track metrics such as:

  • How many users joined in the past month & how many dropped

  • How many Objects, Blocks, Sets, and Custom Types were created (and average that per number of active users)

  • How much time people spend in the app, on average

  • Which devices are used to login to the app

We use these to understand our main product metrics and whether overall, we’re moving in the correct direction. While we can track frequency and adoption of events, we cannot in any way track the content you create. I’d like to emphasise that this last point is foundational to us.

In practice, this means that we know for instance that custom Types are very popular, but we cannot see what these custom types are (nor which Objects you’ve created with those types).

Besides Amplitude, our iOS and Android teams use Crashlytics to understand the pervasiveness of crashes.

Once we open our beta we are eager to provide analytics opt-out.

Please do feel free to share any other questions or concerns and we will be happy to take them into account.


Hi @Charlotte, great that this information can be shared! I think it would be great addition if this can also be shared on other locations like the docs. Is this planned or shall I make a pull request to have this added to the docs?


Nice idea! I’ll add this to our docs this week.