Timer block for recipes etc

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Nope, just an idea.

Describe the solution you’d like
I was thinking of how to collect my own recipe collection in Anytype, and figured out it would be cool if I could add timers inside the text, for example when something has to be cooked for a particular amount of time. In that case, it would be a bit simpler to follow recipes if I had a timer for each of the steps. The ability to start multiple timers at once would allow to track the cooking of different parts of the dish (e.g. the main course and the garnish).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
An alternative would be the traditional way of opening a separate timer, but think how simpler it would be if a timer is embedded in a recipe itself!

Additional context
I understand that this feature requires other complicated features to be implemented before, like notifications, but nevertheless I’d like to see it in Anytype someday :slight_smile:


Sounds good for study blocks or maybe small project management.

I don’t think this should be core, but it’s a perfect idea for a plugin. (I think there’s a tag for that?)

Having this as a relation would also be very useful (e.g. for time tracking) :slightly_smiling_face: