Text copied from OneNote pasted in Anytype pastes as image.png

Describe the bug
Copy-pasting text from MS OneNote results in image.png being pasted in Anytype instead of text on Mac

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open MS OneNote
  2. Select any text in any page and copy with Command+C
  3. Open Anytype and create new page
  4. Paste in the new page with Command+V

Expected behavior
Text is pasted with similar formatting as in OneNote

Actual behaviour
The text is pasted as image.png

System Information:

  • OS: MacOS 12.2.1 (21D62)
  • OneNote version: 16.58
  • Anytype Version: 0.24.0

Additional context
To workaround I have to copy-paste from OneNote to a text editor and then from there to Anytype which is a hassle.


I tried to replicate this on Windows 10 but I wasn’t able to paste it on AnyType and it even deletes the block (if it is empty). I’ve used the web version of OneNote.
before pasting
after pasting

What is shown if you select Show as embed?

I can replicate this. I’m using Windows 10, OneNote 2016, Anytype 0.24.0.
“image.png” is attached, instead of the actual text.

The “show as embed” option results in an image of the text being shown instead of the actual text. It’s basically a screenshot of the text.

I can confirm that copying the text from OneNote to another app (eg browser) and then copying from there to Anytype works correctly.

I confirm that “show as embedded” results in an image of text, which is really pointless as you cannot edit it.

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This is still happening but now I used MS Power Point (365, desktop app), it directly shows a image of text.

Same here… Win 10, Anytype 0.32.2

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This seems like probably an easy fix that has been waiting for over a year… considering the number of people, including myself, likely wanting to migrate lots of info in from Onenote, it feels significant? It’s certainly making me pause about moving properly over to Anytype :frowning:

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Not sure it’s an easy fix. Content pasted from spreadsheets and word processor tables also pastes as image. If it was an easy fix, I expect it would have been done. The number of users wanting to copy/paste tabular data is probably even greater than the number coming over from OneNote

Hmm, maybe. I don’t claim any great expertise. My assumption is that the Windows clipboard offers its contents in different forms (see Paste Special in Microsoft applications), and we’re currently getting the wrong one.

For tabular data it’s a more difficult problem, I suspect, because formatting it nicely in Markdown may be non-trivial, but for text…

shrug maybe it is hard, as you say :slight_smile:

You might be right. However, I see many different kinds of issue with paste into AT: HTML and rich text go in as text, but in weird, often tabular, formats that need a lot of manual fixing-up. Not quite as bad as pasting images, but …


I select and copy text in Powerpoint. When I paste it into anytype it imports a picture rather than plain text.

→ If I temporarily paste it in to a text editor and then into anytype, it wordks.


  1. open ppt

  2. select and copy any text

  3. paste in to anytype

  4. pasted text is a picture


it is plain text :slight_smile:


  • Device:
    Macbook Pro 2022
  • OS:
    Ventura 13.5
  • Anytype Version:
    Version: 0.33.3

Thank you!

Also copy/paste from spreadsheets and tables

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I think a lot of this has to do with how Office applications treat anything copied to the clipboard. I have issues with copying text from OneNote and pasting as an image with many programs. I’m on a Mac as well.

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I have the same issue on mac. Copying notes from

  1. select text from MS note
  2. Crtl + C
  3. open Anytype and navigate to diary and Crtl + V

following are my system and app details

OS version: darwin arm64 13.4.1
App version: 0.33.3
Build number: build on 2023-07-18 21:58:21 0000 UTC from at #087b1bff0634dc85980f1fb0cd8fcff4512e960c(v0.27.15)
Library version: v0.27.15

Thank You!

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when I copy and paste text from Word in Anytype it pastes an image. I’ve tested it on pages and notes. When I copy-paste the same text from TextEdit it behaves as expected (it pastes texts)


  1. Go to a document in Word
  2. Select and copy some text.
  3. paste the copied text into a page in Anytype
  4. you’ll see it’s pasted as an image


The text being pasted as text (with the option to keep the format as the original document)


  • OS: macOS 12.2.1

  • Device: Macbook Air M1

  • Anytype Version: 0.29.1


People have mentioned similar issue with Onenote
I followed the same workaround: to copy-paste from Word to a text editor and then from there to Anytype which is a hassle.
thank you

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Hi @3p2 and welcome to the Community.

I suspect it’s a formatting compatibility issue from different applications, which we are working to improve.

Indeed. Alternatively you should be able to use Ctrl + Shift + V to copy without formatting, but still not an ideal solution.

Do you mind sharing a screenshot or screen recording of your encounter with this?


I’ve tried using Cmd + Shift + V to paste some text from a Word Document and was unsuccessful. Is there another way to paste from Word with the text only?

Hi… Also having this issue now @3p2 . Did the team find a resolution. I am using the latest version of Anytype 0.33.3

Also seeing this issue - 0.33.3 - on MacBook Pro.

Very frustrating. Would really like to know if there’s a solution coming?

As with others - the text did paste if I copied from MS Word to TextEdit and then pasted into AT - but of course that removes all formatting and all images - which is not very helpful.

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