Task's parent block (or blocks)

[I am very new to AnyType, it looks great but looking for some features. Completely understand this is alpha at this point.]

There are a couple things that are very important for me to have for feature parity with my current note taking (logseq).

  1. Task info… I set a due date and tag on the task on a page and would like to see it beside the task name. Is there a way to always show them ?

  2. Task Tracker… I would love to see the block ancestors of the task in the Task Tracker (and to be able to filter on it !!).

Is that possible?

Thanks all!

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1 —

There’s no way to have the due date directly beside the task name, however you can have it directly underneath (where you see “Template” and the author)!

To do this, please:

  1. Open the object/template
  2. Place your cursor near the top (above the title), and click on “relations”
  3. In the menu that pops up, click on the :star: icon next to any relations you would like to appear under the name of the task.
    Please note that the order in which they are displayed, is reflected by the order in which they were starred/added.
    If the relation you’re looking for is not in the menu, you can click “+ New” at the bottom, and add any relation(s) you’d like. :smile:
    If you don’t want the relations to appear under the title, but would prefer them to appear elsewhere, you can drag the relations (from the menu that popped up) to somewhere in the object. This can also be done by typing “/relation” and selecting whichever one you’d like to add.

2 —
Currently, the only way to see the objects nested within another object, is by using the sidebar.

For now, though slightly more time consuming (sorry!), you can add the pre-existing “Linked Objects” relation, to which you can then add the same links that are referenced within each individual object. This will allow the references/links to be seen in your set view. :slight_smile:

@lynxlove has also created a really nice task manager with support for subtasks using a custom “Objects” relation, which you’ll likely find useful!

Regarding your comment on filtering these tasks/subtask, can you please elaborate on what you’d ideally like to be able to do?

Thank you! :grin:

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For 1.

I added a star to the relation

but I still don’t see the due date on the page where the task was originally created:

Maybe I mis-stated what I want. I was hoping to see the due date on the page where I created the task (not just on the task when I click on it).

  1. Tasks and filtering

What I would like to do is create a Note page for a specific Project. Then I would like to create a view of the tasks that is filtered to show just the tasks for that Project. It would be akin to the filtering option in Notion. For example, in Notion:

The above is a view of the tasks and I can filter on any property.

[again, I understand anytype is still alpha stage. :slight_smile: ]

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1 —

I see, I’m sorry for my misinterpretation!
Unfortunately there’s currently no way (other than manually writing it) to show the relations (i.e. Creation date) of an object/note, in another object/note.

2 —

Thank you for the elaboration!
The actual task/project filter can be created in a number of ways, however it may be most ideal to group/filter these tasks with a (custom?) Linked Objects relation.

Something like this may work —

All Projects view:

Project-specific view:

Inline sets are still in development, but once added, you would (*presumably) be able to see the project-specific Set view directly from another object/note. :slight_smile:


Understood. Thank you for the clarification!

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