Tables. whats missing?

So im using the Table and im noticing a couple things i want to do that i cant

  1. Merge Cells
    i cant merge cells yet, but would be great for header rows that cover sub headings
  2. Filter rows to type or group of types
    i would love to have a set type for each column for better integrations with other objects
  3. auto fill width
    aesthetically, a table that dosent fill the space available feels crouded in my personal opinion, would be nice to have those fill the available width where possible
  4. import set
    tables look great and although i dont know what you have in store, it would be awesome if inline sets were just printed on a table like the one we have.

i cant think of anything else right now for tables, but i feel like thats a good bunch of features so far…

using the table has already come in useful in my templates and i cant wait to expand them with functionality to come


As an ammendment to this, ive noticed that any pages opened on android with a table break the table.

what it originally looked like:

what they look like after you open the page on mobile



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Hi LiteLotus, sorry for the late reply. Regarding this bug, indeed, in the first version of the tables, this bug rarely occurred. In recent versions, it has been fixed.

@LiteLotus Thanks for the interesting suggestions, we will consider them. We continue to develop the logic of tables. In the next release, cells can be filled directly in the editor, plus add columns and rows, work with different cells, etc.

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VERY first impressions…

  • Love that simple tables are a possibility, they’re important for layout, visualization, beginning to think about an idea, etc. This is a major selling point
  • Sort is so necessary and overlooked in so many other apps, thank you!
  • Easy labelling of Header Row, very nice!


  • Be able to “evolve” the table items into a set with each line being an item of some type that I define

  • shift-tab needs to move to the column to the left. tab moves to right, shift-tab should move to left

  • Should automatically add row and move to furthest left column of new row when typing “enter” at end of rightmost column on bottom row, this is fairly standard and expected behavior

  • Simple math would be great - add row at bottom to sum or count the columns, add a column that performs calculations on content to the left. Really just the simple stuff. Anything complex needs a spreadsheet program, this is just for basic analysis and comparison

Example if it helps:
Say I want to compare costs on a yarn-based project I’m considering. I know how many yards of yarn the project requires. Several different types of yarn could be used, each with different amounts of yarn per skein. How can I easily figure out the cost of the different options? I need a quick table and basic math


here the last column just does simple multiplication of the prior two columns, nothing fancy, but SO helpful, and would let me stay in Anytype, no need to open up Excel.

The “simple math” capability in the tables of OneNote are my most missed feature from that app.

Loving it so far though, many thanks.