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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Not a problem, but a missing feature. Whilst we can create headers 3 levels deep, it would be great if we could add a table of contents at the top (or where ever) of the page. I tend to create some detailed notes with various levels of heading - particularly when designing a solution, being able to jump to a specific section within a page without needing to scroll would be beneficial.

Describe the solution you’d like

A simple table of contents that links to each header below. Change it through the current code edit type or use /toc

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

None at the moment.


I believe it would go against the way Anytype works.

In Anytpe, the whole document is a TOC itself in a way. Check out the screenshot below.

It looks like a Table of Contents, doesn’t it? It is much more functional compared to TOC, which was designed to be used on paper originally.

I somehow agree with both of you. Initially I wanted/needed TOC like @Mike said but I also found useful the way @BGray describes. However, I still feel that even in the case of the screenshot, in the different parts I would also have mini parts inside, with not enough content to be their own page but they would benefit from a TOC.

I started using Anytype very recently so not sure if maybe structuring in a different way would make me change my mind



Then, I am guessing, you would be using toggle lists or simply text under headers. If not, I still feel like TOC support would be added by a plugin rather than natively.

Personally I feel like ToC is a fundamental document function that all document-type apps would ideally support. If it gets done as a plugin that’s fine, but I don’t think it “should” be (i.e. I woul disagree that it should not be handled by the team because it’s out of scope). I’d like it if the ToC could be shown it the forthcoming sidebar though.


@BGray Thanks mate, hadn’t thought of using it in the manner you’ve shown. Initially I think it would be a bit more setup (but that’s just my lack of play time with anytype), but certainly flexible when it comes to the larger content sets.

I think my specific workflow would be quicker with a ToC that auto updates as headers are added to the page. Am I correct in assuming that if I add a new heading, I’d need to go back and update the “ToC” page with a link to the new page?

@Oshyan Obsidian handles the ToC in a side bar which is quite handy as it can be hidden when not required.


@Mike I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for, but looking at the screenshot @BGray posted, you wouldn’t need to exactly “go back” to the ToC.

As I see in the screenshot you are working within the ToC. Meaning, each time you need to create a new header, you just create a new page in the ToC and continue working. I’m not sure if I am explaining myself properly.

Anytype won’t make the ToC automatically, and writing a really long document with multiple level headers to then go back and make a ToC sound tedious (to me at least).

So the process (in my opinion) would be, create a toggle for chapter 1, add a page and start working, and then keep adding toggles and pages as you continue each header and/or subheader.


@BGray Really dislike this. You’re showing pages embedded. That is nothing like what is being asked for.

I want a TOC on the page based on headings. Just like most other markdown apps.


Yes I totally agree. Maybe they could add an option in the sync menu to “not sync this page”, or even better an option in the settings menu where you could change what gets synced. (Include/exclude)

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@Isak I believe you meant to reply to [this post.](Selective Synchronization)

Apologies if someone could add #Desktop UI/UX to this post please do!

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I wanted to create a numbered list, in which the number items were a LINK block rather than text.

Describe the solution you’d like

The ability to nest blocks inline (ie flowing immediately in another block, rather than sitting below it)

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Creating a hyperlink from the text to the page. [See this feature request](

Additional context

I would like a table of contents/bookmark feature that lists down all the headers, subheaders, and toggles for a page. It could be a toggleable button to show up when you want it to. When you click on a piece of content, it directs you in the page to its location while also highlighting it. It would be especially helpful when one has to review any in depth research and overall makes it easier to navigate a page


Can be solved if the following feature is implemented:

One could make their own TOC in the top of the page with the styling of their liking and link to each headings from there

Any news on this? I also felt in the case were breaking down in granularity is a matter of preference and can become tedious.

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This is added in the latest update (0.24.0). You can use the command /tc to add a table of content to any page which displays nesting of headings and sub headings