Tab key does not move the cursor to the next text field

Describe the bug

The tab-key on the keyboard jumps one word back (Just like Ctrl + arrowkey) instead of moving to the next text field.

To Reproduce

    1. Open a new page
    1. Write a title
    1. Press tab
    1. Cursor jumps the beginning of the title

Expected behavior

I thought that tab was used to move to the next text field or cell (in this case the page description) .

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Manjaro
  • Anytype version: 0.18.28

Additional context

This “bug” could be intentional, but in that case I think it should be changed. We can already move to the beginning of a word using Ctrl + Arrowkey. Being able to use the tab key to move to the next field would also make more sense when databases and tables arrive.


@Isak Thank you for your notice! We haven’t implemented this yet, but plan to do that in the future

Since it is not implemented this is more a feature request, like this one here:

If that is what you mean I would mark this bug report as solved, okay?

Closing the topic because there is no response. Please open a new topic or flag this one to be reopened if you still experience this issue.

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