Smoothing the process of Identifying Images: Covers, Thumbnails & Icons

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I’m struggling with the steps required to make things appear as I want - to get the image associated with an object to consistently appear throughout AT.
I often copy/paste content into Anytype, and then choose one of the images from the content to be the thumbnail (relation) representing the object. I can then choose to display the thumbnail in gallery set views. HOWEVER - cards that link to the object appear to only display a COVER image? (I don’t see a way to tell a card to show the thumbnail?)
And the COVER image cannot be added based on content already in Anytype, it seems it must be uploaded separately?
Similarly - a custom ICON appears to only allow an upload as well (instead of allowing to point to an image already in AT)

Describe the solution you’d like
Option 1: A display setting on object links for “show thumbnail” image (not just cover image)
Option 2: An option to “set thumbnail image as cover” for quickly making both the same.
Option 3: A picker in the Cover image dialogs that lets us choose an image that is already in AT (instead of requiring a separate upload).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I’ve been messing around a lot with thumbnail, cover and icon settings… and am not finding a smooth process to set an image and then have it show in gallery view and on any object links. I’ve not found a good alternative…
Work around seems to be: Save the desire image to my computer (even though it is already in AT!!) and then “upload” it again as the cover image. Which… is clunky to say the least AND I think is creating a duplicate file, which is bad for file size, etc.


Somewhat related: It would also be really helpful to be able to rename an image once it’s in AT. I can click an image to see it’s details, but it seems I cannot rename it?

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Hi @LauraH, see this FR for renaming files :slight_smile:

Option 3 is planned I believe


Adding information to this feature request:

Often the image I want as a cover (or thumbnail) is already in my page/note/content.

I would LOVE the ability to right click (or otherwise select) and image, and easily choose, “Set this image as cover” or “set this image as thumbnail”.

Something like that would REALLY smooth the process of appearance!

Thank you for the update Sam!

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I like this idea. Please create a seperate feature request for that.

This functionality was implemented.

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