Sidebar icons

I believe having icons on the sidebar it was a nice idea and brought some life to the sidebar.

However, my understanding is that it was a design decision.

However, having the Space, Library and Bin icons left makes it look a bit out of place, hence bringing them back I believe would make the sidebar look a bit more professional.

Not sure why it just wasn’t made an option instead of completely removing it.


Agreed. The visual context cues also make for faster navigation. Not sure why it was removed, it looks great in all the video tutorials I’m watching (must have been recorded on an older version).


@yura Will the settings you mentioned in this post also include the ability to turn the sidebar icons on/off or is this a separate issue?

@Filip Exactly. We’ll need to think it through so that it’s the same option in all parts of the interface. This would be similar to how it is done now in icons for object names in sets/collections or “link to” cards.