Shared (Work)spaces UI (Design)

What are your Ideas for Anytype for this?

The ultimate shared (Work)space for me would be on top of my private Space. So that my Private space is expanding (so to speak) and that I feel at home basically.

//One flawed design I know of so far is Notion: Notion is doing a horibble job with the sharing functionality in terms of navigating to the shared space and where it is displayed. There you have to create an account with the plan of a ‘team’ and then this team-account can see the workspace in the sidebar (great!), but the people who are invited into the team-workspace have to switch the account for that then, it’s not seen together in the sidebar with their own content. And that just kills the whole contribution-workflow from private-data to team-data.

My understanding is that each pages will be private by design and the user can opt-in to share each page with their team? There are few quirks such as, What would happen to the pages linked from the shared page and such, But I’m not sure how the team is going to implement collaboration. But having a separate account with it’s own set of pages for collaboration is not the right way in my opinion as well and I hope the team implements collaboration in the way you’ve requested as well, On top of our private space :grinning:

The ‘Sharing a single Page’ is perfect, when one is able to just click on “sharing” (with options how to share for whom and so on).

And I think that I saw a feature request for Block-Sharing even, but I imagine this would make it messy in ones own space as they would lie around, where? … but Anytype could solve this because there could be a Set with recieved objects (from others to oneself) and a Set with shared objects (from oneself to others).

About the quirk: The pages linked in a shared page can be shown as “-Private Page-” and not clickable, Or one could set it to ‘Show Title of linked Page in a Shared Page’ and also not clickable.

And for Set-quirks: User-A could be able to see an inline-Set in a shared-Page if the Set is shared for user-A already. Or if the sharer sets the original-Set of the inline-Set to ‘for everyone’ in Set-Sharing-Settings.

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