"Share template"

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Its nice to see awesome things and templates of stuff at https://community.anytype.io/t/-/1507 for example but we have to set up everything ourself. For example the habit tracker in this thread. Now, if i am creating a nice workflow for creating films, for example and another creator wants to try it because of me, he would have to recreate the whole workflow himself just to try it.

“Do it yourself” is probably the best way to learn how to do it but for people to “Just give it a try”, its way too much.

Describe the solution you’d like

Share a Set, Object with everything included with someone else and choose to delete data. Maybe it just creates a file (=export?) the other one has to import again.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Create a link where you could download it again. Would need server space. Another one i thought about is: Create a unique ID that be used to import stuff. Can be as long as needed.

Additional context

I heard Notion can do something like that (never used Notion myself, so not sure about that). It was mentioned it will come “later” in chat and it was mentioned https://community.anytype.io/t/-/1601 here as well, but i was not able to find a “feature request” for that.