Revision History and the associated shortcut

I am a command-line user and depend heavily on mac’s support of readline shortcuts for its textboxes.

Meaning, I can type Ctrl+a to jump to the beginning of a line, Ctrl+e to jump to the end, Ctrl+b to move the cursor left one character, etc.

However, Ctrl+h is the equivalent to a backspace and this keyboard shortcut is used to open the revision history of a document. the same for Cmd+[ (which is like hitting back in a browser)

The issue is, anytime I hit either of these shortcuts, I don’t have a shortcut (that I know of) for closing the Revision History sidebar, and resuming “edit mode” for the page i was on.

Is there anyway to:

  1. change the keyboard shortcuts
  2. use a keyboard shortcut to quit the revision history

I have only been using anytype for like 3 hours, and the amount of times my workflow has been broken and i’m forced to use the mouse to correct it is enough for me to give up on the app. please tell me there’s another way to deal with this, without needing to use the mouse.

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Hi there @jearsh

  1. Customizable hotkeys aren’t implemented yet, you can vote for this here: Customizable keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys

  2. Quitting version history using keyboard is not implemented yet too, you can submit a feature request here: Any Requests? - Anytype Community

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