Relation vs Field

It’s hard to grasp the difference between a relation and simple “field”.

Doesn’t connecting an object to another define their relation?

I’m quite confused about this point…

Relations in Anytype works both as the “Fields” and “Relations”. i.e, They are used to denote attributes of a type as well as establish relationship with other types / objects :grinning:

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@lynxlove when “a” thing can be/do “two” things then it’s definitely confusing.

IMO those two things should be separated/ renamed (even if internally they are the same).

But still…I don’t understand them…a relationship is a link between two objects. I know that a relationship can also have attributes (using the ERM metaphor) but in this case when a relation is an “attribute” what does that mean? Why an attribute should be a relation?


One way to look at them is that, since everything in Anytype is an object, attributes are basically relation to Text, Number or Date objects. I know it is not intuitive and it would be great to have a distinction between attributes and relations. Kindly look into the thread linked by @qualquertipo which discusses the same at length

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