Relation URL Preview

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I’m trying to set a URL relation to an object that also displays a preview.

Describe the solution you’d like
The ideal solution would be to have a relation type that works exactly as the Image block, that allows me to input URLs or upload files, so that a big and clear preview of the content is displayed on the page

At the moment, both URL and File & Media Relations have the minor drawback of not showing a preview of the media as clear as the image block does.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
The only alternative is to use the File & Media relation to have a preview on gallery views, despite the preview in the object detail is not as good.


@Havock94 thanks for sharing your idea! Could you let me know if my train of thought makes any sense in relation to your request?

I know that the Anytype team is working on a “bookmark block” within Sets and Objects which will retrieve some information from the URL you provide like page title, description, and image (see here: Sprint Review (37 & 38) - News & Announcements / Road Map ). I think your idea should be doable if that bookmark block is customizable to choose the layout you need for your image/description/etc., for example with a small/medium/large image and toggles to turn on/off the other data like title and description. I’m suggesting this because the bookmark block also takes a URL as input and can show a preview.

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Hi Sam, that makes perfectly sense and it would indeed allow for different layouts to satisfy diverse needs (e.g. in my case display an image preview, but in other cases where a preview isn’t available just show the title).


Is this yet somehow implemented ?

The bookmark block is there, but only its source URL is customizable, so you can always pull the latest information behind the URL (title, description, image).

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