Relation in practice. Can they act like properties or fields in databases?

Relations are the foundation of our graph structure. They connect your objects into the knowledge graph.

But you can use them for broad purposes. For example:

  • You can also use relation to set some «primitive» value like: a date, a tag, a status, an email, or a phone number. Later we will update the system where even such values might be presented as Objects.
  • Relations can be shown as columns in a “database” / “table” view by using Sets. So you can use them as properties in Notion for such case.
  • Relations are global. You can change the name and you will update it everywhere.
  • You can add any relation to any object using Blocks, Set or Object’s relation view. Take a look on adding relation.
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This is very interesting. Would love something like that.

When I first started using Anytype one of my first thoughts/suggestions involved something related to that. See “Solution 2” here:

Hello @Vova and @anytype team!
I’ve just joined the Alpha and - having used quite a few different knowledge management solutions over the course of my career - I’m feeling a little bit confused about how relations between objects works in AnyType. Specific issues I can’t figure out by myself are:

  1. I create a new company object: “Test Company Inc”. Link it to @freddy as owner. If now I check “relations” on the company object, I see @freddy in the owner field. Yet, if I check “relations” on @freddy, I can’t find the company object linked to him. What am I doing wrong?

  2. How do I add attributes to the relationships themselves? Example: I want to add that @freddy owns 25% of Test Company Inc, while @teddy owns 30%. Or - say- I want to add qualifications between 2 people’s relationship. Or % of confidence about the relation among 2 objects.

  3. Can I attribute to a relation between two object a start date and end date? Haven’t found a way on my own.

  4. Can I add notes, labels or attachments to a relation between 2 objects?

Thanks for building this, and please forgive my confused brain.

You’re amazing!


Automatic Bi-directional relations are not available yet. There are already feature requests in the forum for the same. Kindly upvote them if possible :smiley:

All these sounds like additional qualifications to relations which is not possible now. I got inspired by your questions and did start a discussion in the forum but there seems to be not much action there

One way to go about your question on the percentage owned in a company, you could create a new type called Percentage Owned, which has an object relation to specify the object being owned along with a number relation which specifies the percentage. Then create one page for @freddy with the company as the value for object relation and 25 as value for the number relation and link @freddy to this page. You then create a new page with a different percentage to @teddy. Not clean but atleast achievable :sweat_smile: