Relation >> Connection

Feature Request:
Relations should be connected (in the graph) > does not make sense you should connect them via linked projects

if two objects share same tag/relation > should be connected
see also

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I’m wondering what the impact of “Reps as Objects” is on Relations in the graph. @Angelo is it already known if yes, how the graph is impacted by this change.

@sdef I can see why you would like to see this in the graph, but that is not how the graph is currently designed/working as it would clutter the graph a lot real quick if you see all other objects with shared Relations. I believe there is a post somewhere where a toggle is suggested to switch between the current graph view and a new view like you suggest (link every Object that shares a Relation with another Object).

This might be an interesting read for you:

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thanks but doesn’t make any sense (hence the definition of relation)

Ah, understand your request now. Could you please stick to the predefined formats for feature requests (and bug reports)? That helps us understand the topic better.

For the naming of entities within Anytype, please comment on this topic: