Recent tab should contain limited number of blocks

Recent tab should contain fixed number of recent blocks(maybe 10?).

Currently recent tab contains all the blocks that have been opened and the list keeps on growing

Instead it should contain 10-12 blocks. This list needs to get updated as we open new blocks


@Tanzeel098 this tab has been renamed from “Recent” to “History” to better reflect the purpose of this tab. The History tab should show the changed objects in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest). You can filter these items with the magnifying glass icon and you can clear the history with a button:

Please mark this topic as solved if you agree your original feature request is no longer applicable.

I find the magnifying glass icon confusing as this suggests you are searching while instead you are only filtering the list of items in that tab. If you agree, please upvote here:

yeah I am aware of the tab being renamed

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