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I’ve been using anytype partially for over a year now. Though it’s still some way off to fully satisfy my workflow. For example the lack of sidebar in Android make it terrible to use when you have large number of objects, it’s such a pain to use. Also no local backup which will probably be available hopefully before going public beta. Those are the two major obstacles I have.

However, finding the perfect note app has been a terrible experience as that has hugely affect my productivity and creativity. I’ve tried 98% of note apps out there waiting for anytype to be ready for permanent use.

How reasonable is it to start using anytype fully now, (android only user). Or should I just keep surfing around for the next few months.

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I have the same question but for Mac and iOS.

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I think that it’s a (difficult) personal decision whether you want to stick with what your have amd/or keep looking for the next best option, or stick around for Anytype to become more suitable for your needs.

In my case, ik sticking with a combination of OneNote and To do because there is no sharing option in Anytype yet and my partner and I have a lot of shared lists and a shared Notebook. Once sharing is available (and stuff like syncing works at least as good as OneNote and To do) I can start trying to convince my partner to switch.

Your situation is most likely slightly or very different :).


I believe you yourself are the only one that can awnser this question.

As I posted here (Should I use Anytype as my PKM app right now? - #4 by dzlg), ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Does Anytype do everything I need from it at THIS moment?
  2. How comfortable am I with storing my data in Anytype?
  3. Do I have faith in Anytype’s long term future?

Then decide if Anytype is for you or not and either go all in or avoid it for now (or limited use it)

Also you are better off just using a note taking app that is not perfect than waiting for the perfect one or switching every month or so. :wink:


The thread was insightful. Most of my concerns has been addressed there.

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