Object Context

I have been using AnyType more and more and I love Collections. They allow me to isolate some work from other work, like separating information about clients from one another in my notes.

One issue that I have been running into is for each client I have some tasks that I need to complete. So, I created a set of tasks. It is nice that I can create a task right from the set of tasks object, but the task shows up on all other task lists.

I have gotten around it by adding a relationship called “Context” which is an object and selected the set of tasks as the object. I then created a filter to only have tasks that have the “Context” set to the set of tasks.

It got me thinking, what if when I created a set of tasks, any new task on that list contains a “Context” that indicates where it was created from and if the “new” set automatically filtered based on a “Context” for the “new” set?

This does not only have to apply to tasks. I am thinking for sets or collections where you can create a new object from the set or collection page.


I filter my task set by project or in your context contact

That should work for you?

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@thePauker, I am manually adding “Context” to my tasks and then filtering by the “Context”. What I am suggesting is that if I create a set of tasks and add a task from the set object, have the “Context” added automatically so I do not have to add it manually.

I know that I could probably create a template for this, but I do not want to have a separate template for each set that I create.



And relation context too.
With collection, there are specific links that exist to the project only. It needs isolation to other objects and even the object itself. When it is not ready to become something of a stable long-term relation.

Alternatively, create a collection specific object for all the relations and a link to the permanent object. But that makes things messy… two objects of the same thing only to indicate a status different.