New template for comparisons?

Hello my friends,
Anton from Anytype is speaking!

We had an idea of adding new object type/template that is suitable for comparisons, but first wanted to ask you guys. That’s what “ask the community” section is about!

My two questions are:

  1. How do you compare 2 options like when you buying a car or selecting a new programming language to learn?
  • p2p vs federated systems
  • One candidate vs Other candidate
  • Haskell vs Go programming languages - pros and cons
  • Diet Coke vs Classic Coke - what is more healthy?
  1. Do you have or use some special note style or template for that?I will get into more details a bit later, but your answers will really help us to build a product you/we love. We really appreciate your help and support.

Thank you!


@AntonKent this is an awesome idea I had not thought of before! Right now I would make these kind of comparisons in two general “kinds” of comparisons, which both result in a “point” for one or the other if you want to (literally) keep score (see example below):

  1. General comparison. For example, a description what the each of the options offers high-level (no points to be given). Or any textual comparisons that could lead to a +1 of one or both of the options. Could be about subjective topics.
  2. Technical comparison where one of the options is objectively better. Here, a “higher/lower is better” kind of comparison would be cool.

Features that I would like to see, in order of importance to me:

  1. Side by side view of N>1 items (new column for each new item like many product comparison sites offer) with synced scrolling
  2. An option to select one of the options of the subtopics (basically, click on a cell to select that as the preferred option)
  3. Conditional formatting for technical comparison (similar to option 2, but then objective :wink: )
  4. Keeping score based on both categories. Either manual scoring where you click the cell in the row for that topic which is best, or automatic. If you want to make it really fancy, allow the user to add a “weight” to each topic.

Just reiterating my previous daydreams about this;

The Comparisons Template could include models of visual / graphic organizers
to classify data and draw conclusions about the comparisons.
For example:

or slightly more complex Sequence Organizers for brainstorming such as;

We are just grazing the surface of this kind of stuff with Kanban & Simple Tables, but I’d love such functions. So if it could incorporate any of the above attributes, even in a basic way… then this feature has all my votes!


How about mermaid diagram integration? See also here


This would be interesting to try. I’ve never really used a method for comparison. I just type out the features and issues and figure out how I think.


Not precisely a template, but my dream would be to use the graph view as a mindmap :star_struck:
Add branches at lightning speed and drag and drop them just as easily. Because it’s the way I make comparisons.

I’ve been using mindmaps for decades, and I haven’t found any more powerful tools for sorting data on the fly and brainstorming.

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