New kind of relation "counter" to get the number of child

Hello the anytype’s team !! :fire:

Just tried the app and love it : love the fact that everything is object oriented but also adapted for text note. (+ open source, + available for linux).

I have a request that I did’nt find in the forum :innocent:

What do you recommend

Would it be possible to add a new relation that count the number of child of a same object type linked to an object ? For example I have a project “Class note” which is linked to 3 “Module” objects. Would it be possible to have a new relation in project, called “Nb of modules”, which is automatically equal to 3 ? More complicated, if you have a project linked to 3 “modules” objects which have each one 2 relations with “course” objects, would it be possible to have a new relation in project “Class note”, called “Nb of courses” which is equal to 6 ?

How could it be done

Counter : a new type of relation, number type but with another option such as an object type. It could also have another parameter to filter objects (for example “course” object which contains status “not done”).

Real word use cases

Why ? to get a better overview of your data base. Thank to this new relation, you could know how many courses a module has, or how many books an author wrote.

Other expected features already asked in other issues :innocent:

  • Web App / Web Client : to host an instance of Anytype on a private headless server and then be able to open Anytype from a web browser on the team members computers.

  • set view in page object : maybe set shouldn’t be only a type of object. Indeed it could be also an option when your are writing in an object. When you would do “/”, while you have now “Text” or “List” option, you would have also “Set view”. (sorry if this request is just impossible)

  • Kandan : “group by” for every relations (not only “tags”, “status” or “done”);

  • Relations : delete a relation

Please tell me if it’s not clear or if this features already exist :eyes:

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Great idea! :smiley:

I think there should be a limit on the depth of this logic as you will quickly run into issues with circular references. I guess there will always be a way around those kinds of situations, but just to add my two cents here :wink:

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Thanks, I did’nt think about this problem! Yes, a counter with a “depth” option would be perfect :sunglasses: