Navigating circular references in sidebar causes application to become unusable


While expanding references in the sidebar, if you expand a circular reference beyond the fourth or fifth level, your cursor will remain movable but will not change icons (ex. regular MacOS mouse icon vs link selecting icon) and the application will become unresponsive.


  1. Create a large circular reference (e.g., having a book link to a character and chapter, then including the character’s reference in several chapters)
  2. Within the sidebar under “History”, expand the reference beyond the fourth or fifth level.
  3. The application will then freeze your mouse icon but leave it movable, and the application will stop responding. It will not show that it is “Not Responding”; it will simply be stuck in its state.
  4. Force quitting and reopening, restarting your machine, and reinstalling the application will not resolve the issue. The best solution I can give is to open the application and spam the Home icon (4 grid squares in the top left corner) for about 30 seconds. Then sit and wait for the application to crash on its own.
    UPDATE. If you go to the work directory folder, delete it and uninstall the application, it will reinstall properly and restore the application.


I expect either the application to behave normally when expanding beyond those level, or stopping the circular reference before this point. I would also expect that if the application becomes unresponsive for any reason, that it will default to the Home Screen after force quitting the application or restarting the machine.


  • OS:
    MacOS Version 13.0 Beta 5 (22A5321d)

  • Device:
    M1 MacBook Air

  • Anytype Version:


The circular reference issue was originally referenced here:

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Could you please record a video how to reproduce?

Thanks, does not reproduce for me yet, we will keep trying.


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@thackmaster could you check whether this is indeed fixed in the 0.28.0 release?

The issue has been fixed as I can’t get it to reproduce anymore. Thanks!

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