My Habit Tracker

I seen a different habit tracker that was rotated the other way so that days are on the top and habits are on the side, so I wanted to show off this other way that might be easier to manage. Instead of putting habits on the side, they are put on the top, and you would just add them as relations. And then I sort on creation date, and so when I go to create a new row (Habit Track) for the current day, it will automatically set it to the current day and go straight to the top.


I haven’t seen the other way that you mention, but this looks great. Definitely going to steal this :smile:
One more thing. You need to sleep more! :laughing:


Could you link the other layout? I think it would be better as dates are always fixed width, so it would look more symmetrical :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing… now I understand how to use Habit Tracker!

Cool enough!

Tried to reproduce what you did, but may i ask how you automate the title of your habits? I want the title be the exact date it is created (better with alternative to manually choose a date myself) and use that date as the title.

Kindda tired to type every title myself

I am having the same sensation… although it is pretty good already.
I feel that the template could have a rule for title setting, or the set from which you create the object… depending on the workflow there would be ways to do it better than others.

This is the other layout.

Picture thread: Sets, Relations, Types, and Templates - #27 by allie

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