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Hey guys,
I’m a new Anytype user and trying to wrap my head around a few things. Firstly, I was wondering if I’m able to have a daily note set up and have my weekly tasks note linked to that, and with my weekly tasks note have a monthly goals note linked to that? Also, I was wondering if there’s any work of integrating a calendar or google calander set up and also able to set reminders which add as notifications for iOS/Mac. Let me know your thoughts, cheers!

Hi Rob,

I’m not sure what you mean by “linked” but basically you can use relations from the type “objects” and have any two objects linked together this way. Also, you have a block type where you link other objects within another objects; you can set them to view as block (change its settings from the “preview” menu), or you make an “inline mention” which is backlinks in notion or obsidian. You can choose any of these to your liking.

In summary:

  1. use “@” to have inline mentions.
  2. use “/” and “link to other objects” option either in “card” view or “text” view.

As for the calendar and notification feature, Anytype is working to bring a calendar/timeline view by the end of the year if I’m not mistaken. As for the notification and integrating with other services, I don’t think is an immediate feature to be added to Anytype.

Let me know if you have any other question :blush:

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Yes you can do what you asked, but everything has to be done manually at this moment!

There are no dynamic templates or some form of automatic daily notes in Anytype. You can make a template but for each day/week/month note you have to add the correct links by hand (with @ or /link).

A form of calendar view is coming sometime this year … maybe.

You could also make an inline set in your notes/tasks but for each new day/week/month you have to adjust filters. Which might be the closest thing posible for what you ask.


Great thanks for the info!

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Thankyou, will do that. Looking forward to using this app

Hello @RobXander, I guess you are passed this by now but here’s my 2 pence (for future readers) :

First, I would just create a Collection of notes with the date / week # in its description.
You just set the default object type for that Collection for your specific note template & you create a new note directly from there, it will be linked automatically.

Second, I would create different views for each week with a filter on the description
(i.e. contains " Week#5 ").

[you can even update the template each month so that it is already written in the description field" …/05/2024 - Week#… "]

Third, since there would be many views (many weeks), I would create a specific Collection for Quarter.

Fourth, and finally, I would create a beautiful page holding inline Collections inside a Toggle block.

   | inline Collection (source 2023.Q1-Journal)
   | inline Collection (source 2023.Q2-Journal)
   | inline Collection (source 2023.Q3-Journal)
inline Collection (source 2023.Q4-Journal)
   | inline Collection (source 2024.Q1-Journal)
   | inline Collection (source 2024.Q2-Journal)
   | inline Collection (source 2024.Q3-Journal)
inline Collection (source 2024.Q4-Journal)

NOTES : Someone could question my use of Collections (“Sets are better for that !”)… Well, I like Collections better since they allow me to see notes gathered together in the Graph view. (and Sets are limited to a single object type… who knows if you wouldn’t want to add another type in the future…?