Linked Sets: Craft a Notion like linked Database in Anytype

Hi Everyone,
while testing out Anytype I found a way to craft a Notion like Linked Database with existing sets, relations & objects. I was surprised that this is possible :star_struck: so I want to share it for anyone who is interested.


What you need for this… :cucumber: , :pancakes: , :peanuts:

  • 2 different sets
  • 2 diferent objects
  • 2 different relations
  • maybe 1x page with inline sets of both sets to display it on a single page


What you need to do… :scissors::cucumber: , :fire::cut_of_meat:
Since there isn’t a bidirectional linking possible in sets yet (or not that I know of :eyes:)we have to link it in both ways separately.

  1. Crate (if not existent) 2 different objects. example: Task & Project
  2. Create Relation in set 1 to which should be pointed/linked to object of set 2.
  3. Name the Relation after the chosen object. example: Task
  4. Do it with in the other direction with the other relation & object too…
  5. Et voilà :star2:

Hope this helps.


Hey @Chris1, what a nice approach! Thank you! We will definitely work on “bidirectional linking” as you suggested.