Let users change locked types


Let users change locked types like Task, Note etc.

Why exactly are these locked?
It’s especially annoying for the note type, since you can’t change the layout nor add templates.


I would love to change the Note type to something else since I’m not using it for note-taking. This would also mean that I would be able to now create a new type called Note. :upside_down_face:


Create new types, but this is far from ideal since you introduce duplicates to your system.

As far as I know, you can change the templates (I’ve done it). I’ve change the Task’ type a lot, by adding many relations.

You cannot change the name or the emoji though, which would be nice.
Also, deleting unused types… I imagine many of the people using this kind of software is picky about the cleaning.

EDIT: I was wrong, some of them don’t have templates to be edited.

For some, you can change templates, for some (like Note), you can’t. You also can’t change the layout of the Note type.

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Wow! it’s true, I just checked it. Super annoying hahhaha

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Oh yes, I also want to change/delete the looked types and relations.


I also find this a bit annoying. Due to how much customization I need for my templates and types, I have to create a new type for what is basically the same as a built-in type and then get creative with another name for it (e.g. Bookmark 2.0). I would prefer to the option to simply customize existing built-in types.


it seems to me technically difficult to do this at the moment, it’s just that if the user can edit or delete the Note altogether, then creating a standard page with the Page/Note type may be broken, since the program will not understand what type the page should be.

Are you thinking of layouts here?



Those are separate to types, so I doubt that that is the reason why note / page types are locked

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Ugh! This is annoying. I want to get rid of the Task type. I already have a type where I use one of the templates for tasks. It’s just extra clutter sitting on my screen like one of those Forced Apps they stick on your phone that you have to ROOT the damn phone in order to get rid of them.

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As far as I understand it, the locked types are required for Anytype to work properly and as it is now there is no way around it. It is how Anytype is being build.
However, I feel like the following types should not be locked or needed:

  • Human
  • Note
  • Page
  • Task

All other types feel requires with unique functionality (like Image, Bookmark, etc) but these four feel like types you can build with the default blocks/relations and should not be locked. When better task management gets introduced I can see Task being a required locked type.

However, when looking more closely (while typing this reply), these four types are also the four layout types:

  • Basic (= Page)
  • Profile (= Human)
  • Action (= Task)
  • Note (= Note)

So I think this is the reason why those types are locked and required, since in the background the layouts pull information and functionality from the corresponding types? That is just my guess, maybe a developper can say more about this?