Kanban boards not working with TAG relation

That is exactly what I meant (Tag Relation is “added” to the View but not active). I shared these steps as those as the steps I took and that was working for me. I’m sorry this is not working for you!

At least I know I did it the right way so no worries, thanks for sharing a possible solution anyways! :smiley:

Maybe when I have time I make a fresh type/set and try it again.

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I can confirm that this is working for me on 0.29. If I create or use a “status” relation, it will show in the Kanban view and works as expected.

Although I thought the Kanban view should also work with “tag relations” but it’s not at the moment. is it by design or is it a bug?

I think by design it should work not just for status tags, but for all tags. That said, the Tag system is being reworked, so that might be the reason it is not working for all situations and for everyone at this point, but I hope a dev or product owner can comment on that :slight_smile:

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For me on mac 12.6 and anytype 0.29 on the kanban view, all the “+” button (the 3) doesn’t work (expected to create a new object of the set)

That’s what it’s supposed to do… right? I mean the “+” button creates an object with the related relation for it.

There should be an “Untitled” Object be created in the “Empty” column if you click the orange “+ New” button. Is that column visible for you? Make sure in the Groups tab in the View settings that you did not hide that column :slight_smile:

Alternatively, as @dzlg mentions, clicking the “+” buttons at the bottom or top right of any column should create a new item in that column.

Yes it’s exactly what it’s supposed to do :laughing: creating a new object.

Sorry if my post wasn’t clear enought (excuse my french :stuck_out_tongue: my english may have failed)
But I said (pretty clearly :innocent: ) : the “+” buttons aren’t working : Expected to create a new object.

The new object is a new one I created myself BTW, if it could help in something.

Here is a video of my screen :

I tried with a standard object (note) and it works :

So the kanban seems to have a bug with set of custom object.

@Vrizzt your post was pretty clear! Just wanted to note the different options and (expected) behaviors.

This is quite clearly a bug and it is already reported to the devs :slight_smile: . Thanks for posting the video, that is always helpful for the devs!

@dust thanks for your addition that the issue seems to be related to custom Object Types.

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Thx to you :blush:

As a dev myself I love to have video as feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

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This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be included in an upcoming release.

After the update Kanban view is not working for me at all. Anytype seems to not recognize any tags or statuses that are not the default ones. For example, I have “tag of text” relation with options: difficult, easy, new weird. When I try to create Kanban groupt by “tag of text” relation, all objects lands in the “No value” group with other groups named after tags I don’t recognize at all.

Also, I can’t remove options from tags and statuses (this bug was also present in previous versions). When I try to remove one of the options from either type of relations (for example if I try to remove “easy” option from “tag of text” relation) Anytype starts lagging and is unable to process any changes or edits until I reset the app.

Kanban view with the TAG relation seems to have been fixed in 0.30.0 or will be fixed in the next release.

For me it is now working on version 0.30.4-beta on windows 10.

That’s an eye watering Lego collection if I understand your Set correctly :wink:

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Thank you and that is correct. It is my old Lego collection from the 90’s.

Haven’t bought any since that periode and making this set for testing kinda got me thinking about buying new Lego sets haha.

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After the newest update kanban with TAG relation is working correctly… unfortunately, Kanban with STATUS relation is still broken.

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Thanks for confirming @boring_Pete.

You can add your case with Kanban Status issues to Kanban groups are stuck on the default Status relation or a similar post.

It works better now, but I still have an issue where it combines tags for columns instead of listing each tag only once. This makes for a less organized listing than using separate gallery views with filters.