Is it possible to Open the same file from Anytype, multiple times, while saving edits?

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I apologize in advance if this is the wrong section, as I’m not sure if there’s a bug happening or if I’m misunderstanding something.

Since Anytype doesn’t currently have formulas, I tried to store an excel file that I edit often in it.

The edits don’t stick though, and after looking into it, it seems Anytype keeps creating copies of it everytime it’s opened.

It’s opene from here:

And this happens:

Is there a way to store files that open externally, and save the edits that I’m missing?

Thank you kindly!

Hi there @Nia_93

This is the right category to ask your question. As for the answer, unfortunately Anytype doesn’t support editing the uploaded files, you have to re-upload any new copies of the file and delete the older ones.

When you click on “Open”, it actually downloads the file from Anytype’s space to your disk temporarily until you close it.

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Thank you @Hexara :slight_smile:

That’s sad news… would this be something the team is planning to change? for local files it’d be nice to open and edit them easily.

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You’re more than welcome! Here’s a feature request related to this issue, vote for it :smiley:

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