Inline LaTeX Addition

I just sampled upon this problem as well – and for me, writing math notes quite often, this feature for now lets me use two programs again. Anytype for non-math notes, and another one for those with math. Since as the screenshot above shows, egg, the single $y_k$ on one line is neither readable nor nicely editable. (Oh and I know Discourse forums where the $y_k$ I just wrote is even rendered in the forum :wink: ).

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Quick question: Will a shortcut be added to add (inline) LaTeX blocks quickly?
Similar to the ones used in Notion, where ⌘ + ⇧ + E was used to make a math block quickly.
Being able to type notes, specifically equations, in classes is more straightforward with one keyboard shortcut, rather than having to type /latex or /math to be able to access LaTeX blocks is a lot quicker.
(I haven’t been here in a while so pardon me if I’m not up to speed with all the new updates to Anytype)

Speaking of shortcuts, we need snippets. I’m from Obsidian and I can’t live without the Latex Suite plugin for one reason: snippets. It allows me to write mathematical expressions in LaTeX as quickly as someone talking. It’s indispensable for me, and it would be wonderful to see it come to Anytype. Until the simple inline Latex functionality arrives, I’ll leave this idea here… I don’t know if there’s a better place to talk about it, for the moment.

Regarding changing lines, isn’t that what you are doing in your example? To force a return, type \\

\\ does not work inside \text{}

This is how I’d do it, which is not exactly what you want:
\textrm{Mop the floor,}\\ \textrm{then take out the rubbish}\\ \color{blue} \textit{power factor} \div \textit{load factor}

I don’t know of any other way.

This is what I was doing as well. But it is not very handy to me. Thank you anyway.

A must-have feature indeed.
Obsidian has also a very nice plugin which uses Mathlive as an equation editor. Very, very handy.


+1 from Twitter user @Ragloo in Sept:


Thanks @Charlotte for the feedback. It seems that the Anytpe community is growing a lot and very quickly. This feature could benefit many of its members. Thank you for listening to this request, it’s very nice of you. Have a nice day :+1:

+1 vote for this feature! Lots of technical job people would greatly benefit from this feature :slight_smile:

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+1, I have tried many notebooks before, Anytype is the best one, its design is simple and fascinating!

Any progress of this feature request?

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In progress :blush: