Import from CSV, Excel, Calc, Google Sheets etc

Would be nice to be able to import any tabular data, with option to choose how it’s interpreted by Anytype (which columns go to each Relation/field etc.).

Definitely a nice-to-have, but would save a lot of time for people who (like me) has dozens of spreadsheets with hundreds of items on them.

Note this is about import not export.


Bumping this. I’d like to be able to test Anytype with my existing “real” data. Doing tests by manually entering dummy data is very time consuming and there’s a limit to how much insight I can get from it…

I guess there’s a way to import from Notion, but I don’t use that software.


Yes, I would really like to be able to import my notes from other apps as well!!
Like Markdown & CSV and those mentioned here!!

I can not move forward without being able to import the past into AnyType!
Please upgrade this soon!

Thank You!

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When it comes to import options, I believe it was said by AnyType that they would open the code for others to create import options.

AnyType is working on refining/fixing the Notion import option which is great!
I was wondering about the other options that were listed there also.

Will these options be worked on also?
If I am understanding this correctly, there are general import options.
I know it will take people to work on the code to create import options but if these are general ones, does that mean they will work for any app that exports in these formats?

Import from txt, CSV, and html are being worked on, as well as improvements to notion and md import.

For export, I’m not sure what the current status is/activities are.

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Hi, at this moment PDF, HTML, MD formats are available for export and we are planning to open export API as well.

Ability to import/export tables from/to Excel (etc.) will be a really useful addition.


I would like to be able to import a spreadsheet into a simple table or even better into a set. It would also be nice if anytype could monitor the spreadsheet file (ie cvs) and have the table or set change as information in source spreadsheet is updated.

Plus, should be able to paste into a set / collection and auto fill columns and or rows from clipboard.
This is a major need for my use case.

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