Images and text keep disappearing or rearranging every time

Describe the bug
I made a page for a dream house I found online, on which I added many images (50+, together they are 12MB). So far, every time I open Anytype I loose text or images on this page. And the blocks (titles, dividers, images) keep rearranging themself.


After re-opening this page/anytype

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a new page
  2. Add relations, text, block and many images
  3. Open anytype on your desktop
  4. See images, text and blocks disappearing or rearranging

Expected behavior
One of the most important thing for a note taking app (or any app where user content is added) is that is is reliable and not having content lost or changes without the user imput.

So I expected the layout of the page, the blocks, images and text to be the same when I open Anytype the next day!

System Information:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: -
  • Anytype Version: Desktop version: 0.24.0

Additional context
Things like his, together with the sync problems make Anytype alpha very unreliable to take notes on!

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Thanks for your message! To solve this issue, we will need to understand the root of this.
I need 2 things that will help us.

  1. In the desktop client open this buggy object and do the File -> Tree diagnostic from the menu. It will export the anonymized changes tree(you can take a look at the JSONs if you are curious). You can send the zip file to
  2. Do you have any other anytype clients you are using? If yes, what platforms and versions do you have?
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I have send the email with the Tree diagnostics and the version numbers of anytype I use. These are;

Windows Anytype 0.24.0
Android Anytype v0.4.0-alpha (0.17.10), which is the latest version according to the google play store btw!

I keep Anytype up 2 date via the play store, since that is what the majority of users will be doing.

@Jeroen Was this already fixed?

I have not had any reply or checked this bug yet. Will check it later this week (busy with vacation prepping).

@Jeroen Hello! As we are not able to reproduce this bug, looks like there is a problem with conflict resolving. In order to debug this we need to have the dump of the changes: File - Tree Diagnostics. It will create the zip dump of anonymised changes you made to the document. Then you can send it

And you can also check out the content of zip file by yourself to make sure it doesn’t contains any actual data.

I will test this soon and send the Tree Diagnostics.

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@Jeroen Are you still experiencing this in 0.29.0?

I just remade the page with all the images, closed Anytype, opened it and sadly, images seem to change order. Had them in a column of 3, now a few changed to be a single page wide image.No images disappeared!

Will keep my eye on it for a few days seeing what else happens when I open this page on my other laptop or phone.

If needed I can send the Tree Diagnostic one of these days.

And maybe I build a simular page with these images (or other images) to see if it happens there as well. Might be a bugged page or something to do with the page history.

I have been opening/closing this pages on multiple PC’s now and besides my previous post, the images have stayed in place the past 3 days.

I think we can say it is solved. Will keep an eye out for this when making new image heavy pages and if it happens again, I will report it. :slight_smile:


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