How to group things like in folders

Hi, new to the community. I’m transitioning from over 10 years of Evernote. I downloaded Anytype to use for my writing. I write stories and heavily rely on organising everything into folders. For example each book would have a number of chapters along with other information relevant to the book like general notes, ideas, etc. My question is how do I group or organise my work into categories or folders? I would like to make a folder that has all my books, which then has folders of each book, and each book has its own things. Do I use sets or collections for this? The terms are very difficult for me. Thank you in advance for the help!

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Set is like a search, it’s not what you want.

Collection is like a unique folder or a box where you put what you want.
It can meet the need : you can add your chapter, tag or categorize them.
And you can add this collection to the sidebar (the view is simple at present, but perhaps one day it will be possible to customize it to display the category, for example).

Here : a collection, with chapter tagged with book name + collection added to the sidebar

If you prefer a tree view (like folders), you can create a page and create other page in it.
You can customize with icon, preview, what you can.
Personally, I’d do it this way.

Here : a page containing all my books (one with preview layout for exemple) , each of them containing their own chapter + the page added to the sidebar with tree view

And if you want to see all your chapter in one view, you can also add them to a collection.
Or simply “search” them : it’s a job for a set

Here : a basic set filtered by object type = page... you have to filter differently, pehaps tagging all you chapter, pehaps creating object type like "Chapter"

We can’t see “parent” here for now (there is a FR for that), too bad it would allow you to see the chapters + the book that contains them without cheating (give the name of the book in the chapter, as some do here).


Thank you so much for your help! So basically I would only be needing Collections and not Sets. I tried playing around with it but I now have more deleted notes than kept notes. Not a great start but I am persistent.

There’s also a way to do this with sets, it just depends on what you want and how you want to do it. I would still start with collections first though.

I think tt’s always a good thing to play with a new tools before really use it, to understand it and find how you want to work.
Anytype still has a lot of limitations but also a lot of possibilities, everyone has to find a way of working with it that they like :yum:.

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Oh, and if you use Evernote tags a lot, there are Feature Request to improve them, don’t hesitate to vote.
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Sets are doing my head in right now. It’s so frustrating. Basically what I want to do is organise my work into categories like “stories”, “personal” etc so they don’t get mixed up. In these categories, I want to add other categories; for example under “stories”, I want to add “story 1”, “story 2”, etc. Under “personal”, it could be a range of things. I assumed sets would be like the first big category to encompass everything, and then collections would be like the mini folder with all the tidbits inside. I really want to love Anytype but it’s just really not beginner-friendly. :disappointed_relieved:

Sets are quite simple if you ever used an app that used some kind of query feature, while collections are more similar to traditional databases that are found in Notion etc.

What exactly is work suppose to be in this case? Anytype uses objects and type to organize your data. You can have something like a task type, a project type etc. To categorize these you can either use a collection for each of these and then add new objects to them, or you could use a relation (for instance a status relation). In a status relation, you can create relation options like stories, personal etc. and then add these to any object you want.

The problem starts if you want to set up a hierarchy. All of your objects are part of the same database, so there is no inherent hierarchy there.

The structure you seem to want to create with your stories 1, 2 etc. and personal 1, 2 etc, can again, also be done with relations. You can create a relation called personal and add relation options to it (personal 1, personal 2, etc.) You can then do the same thing with stories.

I realize that this approach is a lot more different than what you probably did in Evernote. Anytype is closer to Notion in this regard, and if you never used a similar app, and are only used to old note-taking apps, it might be a bit harder to understand at first.

Yeah it’s a very different experience. But I guess if the app is safe, private, secure and not going to just change or vanish suddenly, it will be worth learning.

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Oh, yes @Bananat !
Set is like the “saved search” of Evernote (with less search/filter options).
More like the good old Legacy version…

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Yeah I’m starting to believe that Collections are what I need more. I’m so hopeful for this app! If it is really so private and safe and secure, I really hope it excels and improves and stays. I think I’ll be devastated if I fall in love with it and then something goes wrong :sob:

If the creators see this, a word count feature would be AMAZING!

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