How to delete a object and its all children (linked) object

I met a new problem and lost myself in this.

I have a page which collected many URLs. After I imported it through notion format (zipped markdown), the page was transformed into an Anytype format, in which the hyperlinks get into bookmarks automatically. That is interesting! What follows is that the page has a great number of linked objects (here, they are bookmark objects) as children.

It looks like

Now I want to delete this page and all the children at the same time, and the children are only relative with their father and have no other links.

  1. If I just delete the page, all the children would be orphan nodes, and the number is huge. I have to remove them to bin one by one. :sweat_smile:
  2. If I create a set to filter all these children, there is no filter for “links from object” to find all objects that have the same father.

So I wonder how to deal with this, and I’d appreciate it if anyone could give some advices.

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Have a look at this topic:

Otherwise feel free to create a specific feature request if you have an idea on how to solve your specific needs.

Keep in mind that the dev team is already aware that object navigation/handling needs to be improved, any feedback is useful but we’ll probably get some improvements soon anyways.

Yeah, the method you mentioned above needs lots of manual operations like selecting and clicking if the number of objects is huge. So, I’d like to open a new feature request for this one.

Thank you!

Realtions for link information