Having Anytype = Anytype + roam research

These are my thoughts on Anytype. Anytype can be made even more powerful tool.

Currently app is more like notion and better, but it would be limiting to be notion-like.

Currently Anytype has a great database feature that is great than other apps out there which have or try to have. In short the anytype has MAJOR PLUSES in many areas sync, offline-first, encrypted, mobile apps , cross platform and mainly open source compared to existing app out there which checks some of the boxes but not all.

However currently it is kind of like Notion.

Workflow is currently more of structured like notion. With addition of Roam research outline way of writing will make anytype more powerful than any other app out there.

    1. Sets can be used as replacement for Zotero.
    1. With Roam research model, zettlekasten is easier to implement and maintain. You can write in the daily documents with indents and click a bullet to open like new page with breadcrumbs on top. And write like in a new page.
    1. The roam research’s bidirectional linking is the most intuitive way I found. I prefer roam research’s over Obsidian and Anytype. Reason is it is easier to know.

Anytype can be used to make organisation of a project in Notion like area. Like creating a project.

Why should Anytype bother adding Roam research into it?

    1. It reduces the number of app juggling for the user.
    1. User can use Anytype style of ipfs usage and no need to have duplicate files and here and there.
    1. Make Anytype more PKM and it bring multiple benefits in workflow mainly in thoughts and research.
    1. Serendipitous Outcome comes in the roam research which is currently in Anytype is not possible because of the design. Discovery is easier and more effective in roam like linked reference design.
    1. If current Anytype is a painted picture, bringing Roam research into Anytype will be like having the Palette with all the paint, created with mixing other paints to new one. Sometimes serendipity kicks in you can rework the canvas to make them more wholesome or better a masterpiece. Current Notion-like does not allow it.

My goal in proposing this is that Anytype be a tool to improve thinking and communicating them along with managing user empowering them to create a better world.

PS : Sorry for the long typing. I genuinely hope to know what is your thoughts.


Please make your feature request more clear and specific, and try to only make a single feature request for each topic. Having a discussion about what is beneficial in Roam Research vs. Anytype or other tools is a good thing, but that’s a discussion, not a feature request. If you have specific things to request (like daily notes), that’s good too, but should be done clearly and specifically, with a title relevant to that single major feature request, and a description of that, specific request.

I am moving this to General Discussion for now.

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@Oshyan ah… I forgot about general discussion. It evolved from a feature request to rant. Thanks for moving. Will rewrite it tomorrow to make it clear.

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ve been there.

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Seriously though, Tldr version is Anytype is notion, but better. It would be more powerful if it merge roam function into anytype as both are graph based.

Addition of roam into anytype gives a powerful workflow which is currently lacking in anytype. And sets with roam research would be mind blowing.

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@Srinath Sure, but just saying “merge Roam features” doesn’t really say… well… anything. Which features? Probably you don’t mean the pomodoro timer. :wink: But for example you say you prefer Roam’s linking approach over Obsidian. Why? How? They’re virtually identical, except, well, Obsidian’s autocomplete actually works, its sorting of autocomplete results also makes more sense and, well… it’s just better. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Clearly you don’t agree, but since I don’t share your enthusiasm for Roam’s terrible, broken link search function, and you appear not to be talking simply about [[ bracket search (since Obsidian does support that, even though Anytype doesn’t, and you still for some reason prefer Roam), then we are left not really knowing what you’re talking about.

This thread would be a great place to lay out and organize your thoughts, preferences, and maybe outline a set of feature requests you can then make individual topics for (e.g. [[ for linking, etc.). So really think about what you like in Roam, get specific, assume your audience doesn’t share your opinion, and explain clearly what you want added to Anytype.

Btw just because I or others may not share your opinion doesn’t mean we can’t be convinced, or that there may not be some specific benefit of Roam that others would agree with, even if they don’t like the Roam approach as a whole. Breaking up your request into multiple feature requests allows each to stand on its own merits and get individual support. It’s quite possible that not every feature will get enough support for implementation, and if you just had it all in one request, that might mean none of it gets implemented, whereas if a single, really useful feature is requested on its own, it can easily make it in even if some others from the same tool do not.


@Oshyan If I be more specific there three things which I like in Roam that gets implemented in Anytype.

    1. Outliner
    1. The way Linked reference and Unlinked reference look and works. Example If I link a page It takes me to bullet point and linked reference down below and unlinked reference below that. You can simply link any unlinked reference with a click.
    1. Sidebar
    1. Most importantly Filters (could be improved with Support for search filter) is what makes it all together powerful. That’s what I feel. Logseq going to implement the search filter some time in near future.

So adding these in Anytype I think solves some problem I had with Notion and Other PKM apps.

    1. You don’t isolate an idea in a page. This let’s serendipitous encounter of ideas through filters and making connections. [This video](Leonardo Da Vinci and Roam-Thinking - YouTube) explains how connections were made by Da Vinci and it is pretty powerful way of thinking.
    1. Obsidian, roam lacks powerful databases that are in Anytype. But they seems to use query and other stuff for project management. Anytype currently looks great for project management and Filing cabinet. Adding the four above roam feature could be great research feature.
    1. Nesslabs has a [great article](How to choose the right note-taking app: the ultimate guide - Ness Labs) that explains notion vs Roam in better way than I could.
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