Full document search seems doesn't work in Chinese

full document search works fine for English documents. But doesnt give result when search for documents in Chinese.


Hi @satter1988, thanks for sharing your input! Could you please provide an example of the search query and if possible the document that you expected to be found?


here is an example of the search query. I searched for โ€œ่กก้‡โ€ in the global search. the word โ€œ่กก้‡โ€ is only in the document that i highlighted in the search box. However the document that i want dose not show up in the first line, and the word โ€œ่กก้‡โ€ doesnt show up in the search result.
it seems to me that the search query doesnt return the correct result?

meanwhile, as is shown in the second screenshot, when i search for english letters โ€œdafโ€, it gives the correct result, and doesnt show irrelevant results.


We need this function which is really important. please fix it. There are a lot of people in Chinese and it will be a big market.

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Is Anytype a local software? How can GFW block it?