First Impression - Need to edit stored files

Really like Anytype. It is easy to use and meets most of my requirements. In my workflow, I work a lot with Office files. So I think Anytype might could be better if I can edit something, and then save it with Anytype, instead of saving a copy of the file.
Thanks a lot for building such a great app!

Hi @lz170212, thanks for sharing! I think your request is also discussed here: Open attached files directly instead of downloading them - Feature Requests - Anytype Community.

Hi @sambouwer , thank you for your reply! Currently, when I edit one file and then save it, and then I open it from Anytype, it still opens the previous version. I looked at the file system, Anytype created a new copy of my file each time. So it looks like Anytype did not save my changes to the correct one, which means the one that I could open from Anytype directly, unfortunately. Do you have some tips for me. Thanks!