Everything that doesn't look nice (to me) in Anytype

Here is a list of UI bugs and things that don’t look nice made from my personal experience with Anytype thus far.

1. Less than three search results will leave an empty space in the results pane.

Related bug report: Less than three search results will leave an empty space in the results pane

2. Toolbar not at the top in “pop-up” view.

Opening a page not in full mode will leave the toolbar at a weird height:

This is even worse if the page has a cover and you scroll down:


Related bug report: Toolbar not at the top in “pop-up” view

3. Scrollbar ovelapping



There are too many topics related to this to list them all, check the forum search results or this one: The scroll bar overlap the window border/close button.

4. The windows application title bar

It really breaks the flow of the design and it’s dark even when everything else on my windows is not. I would love some kind of “borderless” mode for windows where the bar is not even visible or something like that.

Kinda related: Hide menu bar on Linux
Related: ?

5. Search and settings bar in the home screen

Just a little bug

Related: ?

6. Table view in sets and object panes

Each table entry takes a bit too much screen space

Related: ?

See also: A comprehensive anytype first impression.
Feel free to reply to this with possible links to bug reports/feature requests or you own opinion.


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Thanks for feedback. Do you use Windows OS?

Yes, Windows 10/11

Yep. The 6th reason is definitely one of the reasons why it just looks “odd” to me. If it was more compact, it would be great, while allowing you to see more entries at the same same.

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