Done checkbox / Status Confusion

The built in Task object has a Done checkbox, and this also seems to be added to anything with the Action layout.

However the Task object also has a “Status” relation, which doesn’t reflect the task status. This is somewhat confusing.

Also the Done checkbox doesn’t seem to be a full relation as it doesn’t show up in the list of relations values after clicking the triangle, and also doesn’t show up in other places.

I had the idea that maybe the checkbox should just be a Status/Select type relation that has the special property of both showing up at the beginning of the title, and changing value when it is clicked.

This way one could create 3+ way “checkboxes” (Available, Doing, Done, etc), as well as have other clickable sequences, perhaps even multiple ones in an object.

Either way the confusion between Status and Done should be addressed.

I’m also generally unclear why something like Task is locked. Does it have a special status otherwise as a Task vs other objects that have an Action layout?

An example from one of my databases, for an inspiration (it’s a Collection):

Sorry, I must in bed now! Can’t give no longer answers.

I personally use the checkbox just to filter for to-do / done tasks, and I use the status relation for more specific statuses like waiting, etc.
There are already FRs for linking these two relations.
No one is forcing you to use either of these btw. You can just use one, for instance, or something completely separate.

Sorry I searched and did not find the FRs.

I suppose those also address the functional differences between the Done checkbox and other relations?

No problem. I tried searching for those myself, but I can’t seem to find them (I don’t remember the exact name they used).

The FR I was thinking of just recommends adding an option to sync the two current checkbox states to two separate relation options in a different relation. So you would be able to link the unchecked state to something like To Do, and checked to Done.

Wdym functional difference? The done relation is just a system relation that uses the checkbox relation type and is there for all objects with the action layout. It’s not mandatory to use it, or even to use the action layout. If you prefer to use some other relation to manage the status of your objects, you can.

Yeah this confused me too. The done checkbox should be connected to the status relation similar to how notion works. That way you can check it off and it will mark that status as “done.”

There is currently no way to make relations interact with each other so that they influence each other.

We all wish such possibilities, also for totally other use cases.

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I don’t think, because status because it can be used for many things. Like in Notion by default :

But a “calculated” relation can be useful, so more with this FR :

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I don’t mean for the relations to talk to each other, I mean that the status relation needs to have an option to be displayed as a checkbox instead of a dropdown. Then, when you click the check it will force the status to the final position. This is how notion works.