Does Anytype create a duplicate file from the ones that we upload to it?

I have a question. When we drag and drop a file, for example a PDF into Anytype from the hard drive of the desktop itself, does anytype create a duplicate of that file in its working directory or does it create some sort of link to the original file?

I’m asking this because I was worried that if the first one is the case, then we would have a lot duplicate files on the hard drive resulting in taking up more unnecessary space.

Also, if the second one was indeed the case, it would be a good idea if we could edit its properties; I mean if we click on open, it would open the file in the respective app responsible for it but we could have a name for it and create relations for it so that we can connect other objects to it.

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From what I know the files you drag into Anytype are separate from the original ones. So copies are created. There are requests to implement a way to link to existing files, so that only one instance of the same file exists.

Are you sure about that? because when I looked into the working directory of anytype, I couldn’t find the file that I dragged it into the Antype.

Also, is there a formal request for the linking method that you mentioned?

Mhm. I can’t find the topic I thought of right now. Though I think that filesystem integration is planned either way. But if you want, it can’t hurt to have a separate request.

True, but I think the file is stored in an Anytype file so to speak. So you won’t find the .pdf or .jpeg or other files in the file explorer. So it does create a copy, but it won’t be visible and accesible outside of Anytype so to speak.

It would be an interesting solution if Anytype would use “aliases” in Mac and “shortcuts” in windows to refer to the original while while not creating any duplicate

For now anytype copies objet inside working directory. We have a project in our rnd for so called “work with file system” to use symlinks instead of copies of the files to be in sync with file system.


That would be really awesome if it makes it way to Anytype!


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