Display sub-relations

I’m currently trying to use AnyType to create an easy-to-fill invoice generator, by having a template showing relevant data from related object and then using the print feature to generate a PDF invoice.

As an example, I have an Invoice object, with a relation to a Human (Customer) where I’ve added some more relations such as Address, ZipCode, City etc.

Apart from Formulas that could come handy to calculate the invoice total, I feel I’m missing something to display customer data in the invoice, as it only shows the relation name while I’d like to show its address/city/zip code.

What I’m thinking of, from a developer point of view, is to have something like relationName.subrelationName or in my case /Customer.Address or @Customer.Address that would allow rendering subrelations as plain text (or as links to the subrelation itself).

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I’d love this, especially in sets. I’m trying to track projects for clients, and one thing I was to have is a task list, where it shows all the undone tasks, then the following columns: Task.Priority, Project, Project.ProjectType, Project.Client.

I don’t think this is possible yet, though. Nested (or whatever) relations aren’t supported yet.

There are a couple of requests and community posts here in the community. Feel free to take a look at them and voice your opinion:

Thanks for the suggestions! I’m closing this topic as duplicate of one of the linked topics. Feel free to flag this topic if you want it to be reopened.

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