Content creators and guides/tutorials?

Does anyone know if there are already some youtubers or blogposts about Anytype. Showing off features, dashboards, tips and tricks?

When looking at tools like Notion, ObsidianMD and even OneNote there are a lot of people writing and creating content about these apps/tools. Which is great to grow the community and for new people to learn what is possible.

Perhaps there is still an NDA in place and we are not yet allowed to show anytype publicly or we are still a very small group of users but there is almost nothing to find on youtube or other places about Anytype.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

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Typically there is not so much of that content (if any) in a closed alpha. I’m pretty sure that’s the (understandable) reason in this case. We do prefer that you not share such content yet, but if you or anyone would like to create some you could put it on YouTube unlisted and link to it here. Just keep in mind that things may change a lot in Anytype before it goes public, so if you want to eventually publish your tutorial video(s) you may have to update them!


I myself am not a content creator, though I love watching others and there creativity with a program like Anytype (or notion, obsidian and the likes). Therefor I was wondering if there already where such youtube channels, blogposts or other form of media about Anytype. :wink:


Ah, then the answer is “not yet”. But I know the Anytype team wants to encourage and support content creators and people who want to share knowledge about the app as soon as possible!


@Jeroen Here you can find some inspiration and a very cool video

And i am sure, in the futute will more come :sunglasses: