Can I tag within a field?

In my current Tana set up I have a defined field within a tag. They call them supertags. I think your Objects feature is similar. Each supertag can then contain multiple fields. I can then tag again inside the field of the supertags. Am I able to do this with anytype? Screen Recording 2023-03-02...

Hi @edferrigan, inline tags are currently not supported, not in Relations but also not in text. You have several options to work around this but I believe the team is reworking the Tags feature, so you might want to wait for that to be released (no ETA) before settling in to a specific workflow.

  1. You could use the “Tag” Relation to assign Tags to a Relation of an Object:

  1. You could use inline @ mentions in the content of an Object (not in Relations) to use other Objects as tags:


You can type the hashtag (#) as part of the name of the Object:

There are similar requests like these:

This VERY Good news. I’ve been using Tana and LogSeq and it helps the workflow to just be able to tag any object and sort it later in this case sets.