Calendar View Improvements : Moving Objects and Color Labels


Thank you so much for the new calendar feature ! We were eagerly waiting for it !
I was a bit surprised it is not possible to move objects around the calendar by simply dragging and dropping them. That would be a really important improvement for the feature usage.
Same, having the possibility to view color labels would be interesting to visually sort different subjects.


Moving tasks around is really recurrent when using a Calendar. Going in the object to change the Date drastically slows down the UX. Being able to drag the objects the same way as in Kanban Layout would be perfect.
Then, same as in Kanban View, showing different colors for the different objects in our calendar is really important to quickly have an overview of a day.

On top of the already mentioned ones (draging and colours), I’d like to ask for week-calendars, so you can focus more on the short-term.

Sorry if there is an existing list regarding calendar’s wishlist (I imagine there is somewhere…).

  • Drag to move
  • Colours (maybe based on a tag relation?)
  • Show relations/more info
  • Week view (with times?)

Don’t wanna look grumpy, but I got kind of disappointed with the lack of options within the calendar view.

Hello everyone,

We’ve noticed your requests, and we’re hopeful that we can address them next year. Our schedule for this year is already fully packed :face_holding_back_tears:. We’d like to share a bit about the feature scope and acknowledge some of its limitations:

The Calendar view was primarily developed through the enthusiasm of our dev team, serving as a contribution to the community. Originally, there were no product plans for this feature within this year. Despite this, we managed to incorporate the Calendar view alongside the development of multispaces. In the coming year, we plan to embark on a new iteration, aiming to fulfill all requests. Please consider the current state as an early access version.