[Bug] Security pin lost...way to reset (6-digit pin)

Hello, I created a security pin and I must have had a typo and I am now locked out. Searched the forums and the KB but I cannot find a way to reset it. Would be nice to be asked to confirm the pin when it is being set!

I know this might be a bit late, but I’ve found a method to reset the PIN. It also might highlight a possible security flaw in how the PIN is saved.

To reset the PIN:

  1. Open the Anytype working directory and upload (or replace the already-existing) devconfig.json with this file. It contains a flag that sets allowDebug to true, which lets us open the Chrome DevTools.

  2. Open the Chrome DevTools via the menu bar → Debug → Dev Tools

  3. Go to the “Application” tab, then the Local Storage → file:// section in the sidebar.

  4. Locate the “pin” key. The pin is hashed with SHA1, so to reset the PIN, you can either delete the entry or use a text to SHA1 generator (the letters must be in lowercase), such as https://passwordsgenerator.net/sha1-hash-generator/.

And that should reset the password. It’s a possible security flaw, so I hope the team can create a more robust and secure method of setting a PIN code in the future.