Better view when adjusting columns in Sets

In tables, when using Object and Tag Relation Types, adjusting the column tighter makes the tags and objects in the column get cut. If I have multiple tags or objects I would need to extend the wide of the column to the extent of the tags, but many times I don’t want a column to be that wide. In Notion, for example, if you adjust the columns for tags, they get posed one over another for permitting tightening the column up to one tag-wide. It would be pretty useful to have some kind of functionality similar here, were objects and tags jump into each other for permitting the column to be narrower without losing view of the contents. This is just a esthetic and functional inconvenient I have, still not a big issue.


Hi @Sergio, thanks for sharing your ideas!

Just to check, are you referring to Sets? There are no “simple tables” implemented yet.

Regarding a preferred solution, it seems you are describing what Microsoft Excel is doing: allowing the call to overflow when there is no content in the cell right of the cell with more content than what fits in the current column width. Is that indeed similar to. Notion (and what you are saying)?

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In notion there is an option to turn on/off wrap cells. Both for total database or per columm.

This will also go for tags cell, when you have 5 tags the cell just cuts off the tag, but with wrap on it just adjust the height so a second or third row of tags is shown.

Not sure if this is what Sergio means?


Hi, @sambouwer, yes I’m referring to sets, sorry for the miswording. I am not properly describing what Excel does with the call, what @Jeroen mentions is my idea.


Yes, this is exactly what I mean. In Anytype as far as I know, columns cut content when exceeded its wide. With the turn on wrap cells option in Notion, the height is adjusted to fit all the content (text or tags) in the same column with no cutting off. It would be nice if Anytype aggregated this feature.

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